Live Streaming: Join Vanessa on her Twitch Channel ( Women Crush Wednesdays#StarWarsFamilyMGS Streams ) where she invites her fellow voice actors to play the various games they voice. Using Tiltify to raise money for charity, Vanessa has fun and pays it forward.

E-Sports Events: With a background in stand up comedy, Vanessa is the ideal host for live E-Sports events. She loves introducing her VO acting buddies to the gaming world, simultaneously bringing fans closer to the actors who voice their favorite games - creating “core memories” for all!



Vanessa can be heard in over 125 video game titles: Black Canary in Injustice 2Sheeva in Mortal Kombat 11Caretaker in Midnight SunsKerrigan in Heroes of the StormGamora in Marvel Vs. CapcomHera in Star Wars: SquadronsSamus in Metroid PrimeMass Effect 1, 2 & 3Jan Ors in Star Wars: Jedi Knight II. Come watch her play them all!

Visit Vanessa's Twitch Channel to see upcoming and past streams!

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After years of Live Announcing for the X GAMES on ESPN, Vanessa brings her unparalleled expertise to E-Sports. Enhancing the fan experience, she not only commentates but dives into the gaming world, hosting interviews, panels, and even challenging live streaming influencers – all while embodying the characters she voices!

At Dreamhack Dallas, Vanessa hosted live stream segments:

  • Voices of Diablo - Jennifer Hale, Robin Atkin Downes and Anjali Bhimani

  • Voices of Halo - Debra Wilson, Robin Atkin Downes and Jennifer Hale

  • Staying Human: Being an Artist in the Age of Technology - Anjali Bhimani

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San Diego





DC Universe All Star Games
A nostalgic role-playing adventure, from Executive Producers Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sam Witwer features Vanessa Marshall, Clare Grant and WWE superstar Xavier Woods. Set in the same 80s era as when the game was first published, the five participants role-play as a group of high schoolers stuck in Saturday detention. As they improv their way through a variety of situations familiar to fans of beloved movies from that time period, they soon discover their destinies as the world’s greatest super-heroes.

Star Wars RPG Series
The Star Wars Rebels cast plays "Edge of the Empire" by Fantasy Flight Games with Freddie Prinze Jr. (@RealRPJ) Vanessa Marshall (@VanMarshall) Taylor Gray (@IAmTaylorGray) Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (@MaryEMcGlynn), Steve Blum (@Blumspew), Gamemaster Sam Witwer (@SamWitwer) and Host Jon Lee Brody (@JonLeeBrody) featured on Freddie Prinze Jr.’s GEGGHEAD YouTube Channel as “GEGG Wars.” Good Evening and Good Game!


  • San Diego Comic Con – Star Wars: A New Dawn with New York Times bestselling author John Jackson Miller, Shelly Shapiro (editor, Del Rey), Frank Parisi (editor, Del Rey), Jennifer Heddle (senior editor, Lucasfilm), Pablo Hidalgo (Lucasfilm Story Group), and Dave Filoni (executive producer, Star Wars Rebels).

  • WonderCon - Crafting Cartoons with Ryan Shore (Star Wars Forces of Destiny) Brian H. Kim (Star vs. The Forces of Evil) David Han (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) Anna Hollingsworth (Unikitty!) Mike Hollingsworth (BoJack Horseman) and Mike Mayfield (Big Mouth).

  • Star Wars Celebration - Inside the Saga with Rogue One’s John Knoll and Alan Tudyk (K-2SO).


New Merch

Worship the Mullet! Vanessa unearthed her 11th-grade yearbook photo – featuring a sensational Flock of Seagulls mullet – and couldn't resist capturing the spirit of that photo on her Twitch channel. “It’s a return to a place before sunscreen was a thing!”

Now, Vanessa brings this blast from the past to her Merch Store - You’re welcome.

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